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Inediti in Italia: Cover Reveal “Royal Blood” di Victoria Renteria * The Betrayed Series #3

  After being reunited with the only man she’s ever loved, Kylee Parker willingly returns to the hell from which she was rescued in hopes of saving others from the nightmare she endured. While attempting to find strength in this newfound power struggle, Kylee begins to question her sanity. Alexander Grant’s sole mission has been to serve his country, until ...

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Inediti in Italia: Cover Reveal “Betrayed by Blood” di Victoria Renteria

  My heart, my spirit, my body were broken…betrayed by my own blood. Kylee Parker was no stranger to betrayal. After a tragic incident in her youth, she struggled against the darkness within, all the while fighting to appear normal to the outside world. Focusing most of her time on her teaching career, Kylee went about her everyday life pretending ...

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